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If you are going to attempt to grow an audience online, there is one thing you're going to need...

Video + Audio + Text

From one video, we will create video clips, audio clips, and text transcriptions all at once!


Create branding templates for different companies, social sites, target demographics, and more!

Scary Fast

We'll generate all your micro-content in about 5 minutes! Our average job finishes in under 2 minutes!

Mobile Friendly

Dominate from your phone with full support of Vertical Video formats.

Super Affordable

There are no monthly charges to be locked into. Pay for only what you need, and jobs under $1 are FREE!

Private + Secure

We delete all traces of your content from our secure servers within 7 days of making it, or sooner if you choose.

Watch This and Have Your Mind Blown!

Want to know how we know how to automatically make clips? Want to see examples? Watch this!

Click here to download all the content generated from this video (WARNING: 1.4GB)


It's simple. You only pay for what you use. There are no monthly fees for you to forget about.

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5 Steps to Content Domination!

Step 1 - Split a single long video into multiple smaller clips
Step 2 - Brand each video clip for your sites with intros / outros / watermarks
Step 3 - Extract audio from each clip to create MP3s for your podcasts
Step 4 - Brand each audio track for your sites with intros / outros
Step 5 - Transcribe the audio into text for blog posts

Example: You've recorded an hour long video about how to dropship. In this video, you can split it up into 12 smaller 5 minutes videos (one micro-topic per video). You have 3 different sites that are relavent to dropshipping, so you append an intro and outro onto each clip made and throw the site watermark onto them. Now you have 36 different videos (12 per site). Next, we rip the audio from each video clip and append different intro's and outro's for each site onto those. Now you have 36 different MP3 podcasts you can post. Lastly, each of the clips gets transcribed into text so you can post each one as a blog post. There's 12 more pieces of content!

You now have 36 Pieces of content PER SITE that's individually branded for each!

That's a total of 84 Pieces of Content From 1 Video delivered in 5 minutes!


See it first hand from our loyal fans who are now DOMINATING with content!

Are you using DMNTN!? Hit me up with your podcast and I'll link it here!


DMNTN! is an AI cloud-based service, so you don't need to buy or install any software on your computer.

You only pay for what you use. There is no monthly subscription. You pay per job.

Our software and your files are hosted in the cloud and are HIPPA/SOX compliant. And it’s totally secure. DMNTN! was built from the ground up by a cloud security engineer with 20 years of corporate enterprise-level IT security experience!

You upload your source files to our servers, say where to cut your clips, and our powerful AI software does the heavy lifting.

When we're done, we’ll send you a text message letting you know your files are ready and an email with links to download all your files.

I'm telling you, it will blow your mind.

With DMNTN!, you can transform a single video clip into multiple pieces of branded video, audio, and written content for your media channels—in a matter of minutes, not hours.

As an example, you can easily create 72 pieces of video, audio, and text content from 1 hour of video IN LESS 5 MINUTES—complete with intro, outro, and branding.

In this example above, we take 60-minutes of video and create 24 video clips, 24 audio clips, and 24 text files for use in written format (blog, social post, etc.) DMNTN! is going to cut your video file into 12 shorter clips—complete with intro, outro, and branding.

Then, it rips the audio from each video clip and adds intro and outro audio to each clip.

Lastly, it takes each of the original 12 clips and transcribes those into basic text files, which you can use as blog posts, social posts, etc.

It does all of this in just a few minutes!


In today's marketplace, "micro-content" is where it's at for keeping your audience engaged.

It's been calculated that the attention span of the modern, internet-dwelling human in the year 2020, is about 8 seconds.

That's why successful online brands have shifted from posting a few pieces of longer macro-content per week to posting multiple pieces of micro-content each day to keep their audience engaged.

Micro-content allows you to react more quickly to what your audience is engaging with and increases the number of interactions you have with them—helping to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Maintaining top-of-mind awareness with your audience is about consistently delivering content, and with DMNTN!, it has never been easier to create multiple pieces of micro-content to share with your audience.

DMNTN! is the ULTIMATE micro-content creation tool!

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